About ClubFEM®

Here are some of the questions most often asked of us by potential members and all others interested in ClubFEM®.

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What is ClubFEM®?

ClubFEM® is BDSM organization for Female dominants and submissive men. FEM is an acronym for "Females Enslaving Males". The term "club" does not refer to a place or location but an organization of people coming together based on their mutual interest of Female domination and male submission.

What sets ClubFEM® apart from other fetish groups?

ClubFEM® is exclusively a FEMALE DOMINANT/male submissive group. We do not accept dominant men and submissive Women as members. Although some of our members are switches, we do not allow switching of roles at ClubFEM® parties and events. Women are in control at all times. Most other BDSM groups are pansexual, with the majority of members being male Dominants and female submissives.

ClubFEM® is a relatively small group and members often become friends and do many things together outside the Club parties. An important advantage of ClubFEM® membership is that you can learn more quickly about the roles of Mistress and slave due to ClubFEM®'s specific nature.

Is ClubFEM® for couples only?

No. Although there are many couples who are members of ClubFEM®, there are equal numbers of single Women and men.

What is the age range of ClubFEM® members?

The median age of ClubFEM® members is about 40. Our members range from age 21 to over 60. However, anyone requesting membership in ClubFEM® must be at least 21 years old and this must be verified.

How do I join ClubFEM®?

For the Houston chapter, Mistresses or slaves who are interested in membership begin by sending a letter of introduction, as described below, to clubfemhouston@gmail.com. Your letter of introduction will be reviewed by a ClubFEM® Head Mistress or member of the ClubFEM® Executive Board. When a favorable decision is reached, you will be asked to attend a ClubFEM® Munch or to arrange an initial meeting with a Head Mistress or member of the Executive Board. All initial meetings take place in a public place such as a restaurant or coffee shop. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a monthly ClubFEM® party.

Membership in ClubFEM® provides an automatic invitation to all local ClubFEM® functions and you will be eligible to attend parties in satellite  chapters in other cities throughout the globe.

What should I write in my "letter of introduction"?

The key to a successful letter is brevity. BE CERTAIN to include your email address and your geographic location (city, state, and country, where applicable)when writing. Tell us briefly about your interest in ClubFEM® and how you learned about us. We do not expect or want lengthy autobiographies from potential members, as we receive a large volume of email on a daily basis. DO NOT stress fetish or sexual subjects in this first letter and please refrain from sending us your fantasies.

What is a ClubFEM® Munch?

A munch is an informal get-together for local members of ClubFEM®. It is held in a public place such as a restaurant or coffee shop. Munches provide a safe, fun, social environment for newcomers to meet and socialize with members of ClubFEM® in order to learn more about the club and meet others in the lifestyle.

Because these meetings are held in public places, please do not dress in fetish-wear or expect any BDSM play. We try to schedule monthly munches when we have new people applying for membership to the club. There is no entrance fee for a munch and you only pay for what you eat and/or drink. It is always a good idea to leave a generous tip.